Monday 09 January 2017
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Investment Conference Timeline

Item Subject Time

official e-mail to raise interest message for attending in conference

January 20 ,2017


Sending attendee name list

January 25, 2017


To cancel conference participation for whom has sent interest mail

January 27,2017

Important Comments
Interested companies or individuals who wish to participate in the Investors Conference should register themselves. The registration is solely possible by sending an e-mail to the conference coordinator ( eskandari.invest@3t-naco.com )  according to the conference time line.
In the e-mail, the company name, the names of the participants, and their position should be mentioned.
For each company, the maximum number of representatives that will be allowed to attend the Investors Conference is two (2) person.
For consortium and group of companies with 3 company or more, 3 person will be allowed.
  • Attendance of the Investors Conference is not mandatory. Not attending this conference does not exclude any company from future bidding procedures.
  • Novotel hotel is the best choice to stay during conference.
  • Usually short term visa will issue for foreigners will arrive in IKAC expect some countries who need visa collection abroad to come Iran such as UK, USA, CANADA, INDIA, etc. please contact Iran consular offices in your country and check it before departure to Iran.


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